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Our specialist in Urology provides below medical services:

Common urology consultations
Renal colic
Microscopic and gross haematuria
Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), Urinary
High PSA
Urinary tract infection
Overactive bladder

Operations and procedures
Urodynamics study
Transrectal USG prostate biopsy for elevated
   PSA or Suspected prostate cancer
Cystoscopy (flexible and rigid)
Bedside USG renal system

General cases
Bumps and lumps excision (lipoma, sebaceous
   cyst, ganglion)
Groin lymph node biopsy

Stone cases
ESWL for kidney and ureteric stones
Ureterorenoscopic laser lithotripsy, double-J
   stent insertion
Flexible ureterorenoscopic laser lithotripsy,
PCNL (Percutaneous nephrolithotomy)
Open nephrolithotomy
Cystolithotomy for bladder stone

Endourology cases
TURP for benign prostate hypertrophy
TURBT for bladder cancer
Transurethral injection of botox for overactive

Scrotum and penile cases
Scrotal abscess incision and drainage
Testicular exploration for torsion and repair
Orchidectomy (scrotal and inguinal)
Testicular biopsy and sperm retrieval for
Microscopic varicocelectomy and laparoscopic
Circumcision for balanitis/ phimosis
Nesbit operation for penile curvature
Meatoplasty for meatal stenosis

Major/ ultra-major operation
Nephrectomy for renal tumour (partial and
   radical, open and laparoscopic)
Nephroureterectomy for transitional cell
   carcinoma of kidney
Ureteric and bladder surgery (including ureteric
   reimplantation, radical cystectomy and ileal
Radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer

Inguinal hernia repair (open vs laparoscopic)

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